Discover our brand new luxury project

located just in front of the Chambre d'Amour Beach and very close to the Golf of Chiberta


The Carré Blanc residency shows a very modern and elegant architecture with exclusive equipments.

The Carré Blanc residency counts four  apartments fully equipped with high-end materials  and with our taste for perfectionism.


The terrace on the roof gives you access to the private swimming pool in front of the sea.


We invite you to send us a request in order to receive the brochure which will give you all the details.

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The Carré Blanc apartments benefit from our taste contemporary architecture, materials, and interior design.

The simplicity of the lines, the presence of the light everywhere, and the choice of the materials will deliver a sense of be well that will make this place your sweet home.


We offer a large choice of colors and materials that will suit to your tastes and wishes.

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